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Gerald Ciolek Fifth in Trofeo Laigueglia
February 21, 2013  

Supplied by By Trevor Court and Dr Carol Austin from ActiveWorx

Team MTN-Qhubeka p/b Samsung took part in its firstEuropean race as a Professional Continental team in the 50th edition of TrofeoLaigueglia. Team captain Gerald Ciolek displayed good form early on in theseason by finishing in 5 th  place.


The race saw 177 cyclists line up at the start, formany of them it would be the first race of the season. The race would be atough 196.5km route which would include 4 challenging climbs, resulting in thetotal altitude gain being 2622m. The first climb was the Passo Balestrino whichstarted 25km into the race. The riders then faced the Testico climb which came35km after the start of the previous climb. This was not the last time they sawthe Testico climb, they had to ride up it another two times.


Gerald rode the 195.6km course in time of 5h03min47s, 7seconds off the winner Philip Pozatto from Lampre-Merida. His average power was261W with a Normalized Power of 321W. He burnt 4752kJ during the race andmaintained an average cadence of 80rpm. See Fig 1


Fig1: Gerald Ciolek  SRM data file for TrofeoLaiguegli


After 15km’s of racing, the day’sbreakaway was formed and 5 riders took their chances. This did not mean it wastime to sit back and take it easy because the peleton were determined to splitthe race up on the downhill after the Passo Balestrino. Gerald got his best60min power of 317W which was 1h07min into the race. 317W might not sound tooimpressive but it’s pretty good considering that 43% of the 60min was spentgoing downhill. A closer analysis confirms this as he achieved a NormalizedPower of 349W in this period. See Fig 2.


Fig 2: Sixty minute Peak Power period (kilometer 32 to68)

The escapees where eventually broughtback with just over 50kms left to race. Lampre-Merida and FDJ took control ofthe pace as the group went up the Testico for the final time. Gerald was wellplaced over the Testico and was sitting 6 th wheel before the lastkick that was 4km from the end. This is where Reda Francis fromAndroni-Venezuela decided to attack. On his attack he took three other riderswith him one of them being Philip Pozatto who was the eventual winner. Geraldtried to catch them on the final descent but found himself in no man’s landfrom where he won the bunch sprint for 5 th position.


Gerald Ciolek iscurrently ranked 10th in the Europe Tour.

Team MTN-Qhubeka trains and races withSRM Training Systems

The team is coached by Dr Carol Austinand Trevor Court of Activeworx