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July 3, 2013  

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The 100th edition of the Tour de France has began. We're getting our daily dose of inspiration as the drama unfolds against a backdrop of the most beautiful French landscapes.

ACTIVEWORX  invites all CompuTrainerTM owners to join us for the ride of your lives on our GPS accurate  2013 Tour de France courses.
Convert your excitement and motivation into action for added fitness and fun! Each day the upcoming stage will be revealed, allowing you to experience the highs and lows of each stage in real-time.

The best part of your 2013 CompuTrainerTM TdF ride, is that YOU get to choose YOUR start line.
* Feeling strong? Have hours to spare? Then it's time for a full stage commitment
* Ready to test yourself on one of the individual time trials? Stages 10 and 17 are built just for you.
* Wondering what it feels like to race the team time trial? Download stage 4, set the Pacer at 30% above your threshold power, activate the drafting function and hit the start. Be sure to take your 20sec pull every 2-3minutes. No slacking!

Download our 2013 Tour de France collection here.
Turn on your TV, select your TdF channel and get those legs spinning!

Photo: On 4 July 2013, Daryl Impey became the first African to wear the Yellow Jersey in the history of the Tour de France.